How to install the development version of IPython Qtconsole and Notebook in Ubuntu

Both the awesome IPython notebook and Qtconsole are in the Ubuntu repositories, so if you just want to use the stable released versions, you can just do

sudo apt-get install ipython-notebook ipython-qtconsole

and be on your way. But the git development version has a lot of cool new features, and you may not want to wait for 0.13 to be released and make its way to the Ubuntu repos. But you may be thinking that to use those you will have to figure out all the dependencies yourself. Actually, it’s pretty easy:

# First install git, if you don't already have it
sudo apt-get install git
# Then, clone the IPython repo, if you haven't already.
git clone git://
cd ipython
# Now just install IPython with apt, then uninstall it.  The dependencies will remain
sudo apt-get install ipython-notebook ipython-qtconsole
sudo apt-get remove ipython-notebook ipython -qtconsole ipython
# Now install the IPython git version in such a way that will keep up to date when you pull
sudo python develop

To update, just cd into that ipython directory and type git pull. That’s it. Now type ipython notebook or ipython qtconsole to get the magic.

EDIT: After you do this, apt-get will start bugging you every time that you use it that a bunch of packages are no longer needed. These are the ones that you do need for the qtconsole and the notebook, so you should not autoremove them as it says. Rather, set them as manually installed by copying the list of packages that it tells you about and sudo apt-get installing them.

3 Responses to How to install the development version of IPython Qtconsole and Notebook in Ubuntu

  1. Of course you can also just leave the system ipython installed and install the dev version locally (for your user only). No root permissions required.

    $ python develop –user

  2. Simon says:

    You could also use `apt-get build-dep ` to install all the dependencies for a package and get you ready for a manual build.

    But I actually got rid of my manual install of ipython and switched to the development ppa which you can add to your apt sources using `sudo add-apt-repository ppa:jtaylor/ipython-dev` (See the announcement for the ppa here:

    • Aaron Meurer says:

      I didn’t know about that. That would have been more direct :)

      I’m going to stick with develop because I need to switch to older versions sometimes for testing, but otherwise a ppa sounds like a good solution.

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