I am now the SymPy project leader

You can imagine my surprise when I opened my email last Monday and saw this message from Ondrej:

Hi Aaron,

would you like to become the main maintainer/project leader for sympy?
In the last year, it is clearly you, who does most of the work, and
also your blog has quite some visibility now.
It’d be cool to do some release from time to time. Mateusz is
finishing is poly’s branch, so probably his code would go into the

So I guess now I am the project leader for SymPy. As to what exactly this means, I am not yet entirely sure, but so far it has meant that I get to do a lot more work than before (yay!).

Actually, the work is because I have spent the last week working nonstop to get things ready to do a release. I should have a release candidate for SymPy 0.7.0 ready some time next week. I’ll post more here about what’s change, but this is going to be a big release. The biggest change will be the new polys, which makes things much faster and more powerful.

Also, I will try to post things here relating to SymPy as a whole, not just my work.

Ondrej, by the way, isn’t going anywhere. He plans on doing some work on ways to get SymPy out to more people by writing more/better web and mobile interfaces for it. A big thanks to Ondrej and the SymPy community for making such an awesome piece of software!


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