A Weeklog

These seem to be all the rave these days, so I figured, why not jump on the bandwagon:

Aaron-Meurer:doc aaronmeurer20100615153531(integration$)$git weekreport
Aaron Meurer (20):
Fix some bugs in Poly
Make Poly(sin(x)/x*t, t, domain='EX').clear_denoms() work
Fix integrate to work correctly with heurisch.py
Use more efficient gcdexdiophantine() algorithm
Add support for taking the derivation over the coefficient domain in risch.py
Add (but do not yet use) splitfactor_sqf() in risch.py
Add polynomial_reduce() to risch.py
Add tests for algorithms in risch.py in a new test_risch.py file
Only allow coercion to larger domains
Allow coercion from ZZ(a) to ZZ(a, b)
Fix doctest in new heurisch.py file
Add residue_reduce()
Formatting fixes in docstrings in sympy/polys/algebratools.py
Add includePRS option to resultant functions
Add permute method to DMP
Add a test for the includePRS option of resultant()
Have residue_reduce() make S_i monic
Rewrite polynomial_reduce() non-recursively
Add integrate_hypertangent_polynomial()
Add integrate_nonlinear_no_specials()


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