Los Alamos “Sprint”

Last weekend, Luke came to visit Ondrej in Los Alamos, so I decided to drive him up from Albuquerque and visit him again. It was nice meeting Luke and seeing Ondrej again.

Aside from coding (the main thing that I did was fix an ugly match bug that was preventing dsolve() from recognizing certain ODEs), we visited the atomic museum in Los Alamos, the Valles Caldera, and some of the surrounding hot springs.

Here are some pictures that Luke took with his iPhone. Stupid WordPress seems to insist on flipping some of them (I can’t fix it):

This is one of three posts that I plan on doing this week. I just finished my GSoC project today/last night, so I will be blogging about that. I plan on doing a post on the method of Undetermined Coefficients, as well as some other things that I managed to do. The other post will be my general musings/advice for GSoC. That will probably be my last post here in a while. I plan on continuing work with SymPy, but I get very busy with classes, so I most likely won’t be doing much until next summer.


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