Constant stuff

So I was able to get a working version of the Constant class, but because the code cluttered up the internal Add and Mul classes too much, Ondrej convinced me that to make a function that does the simplification instead, and I reluctantly agreed. After begining work on it, I realized that it will be much easier to make it just an internal function that handles the special cases presented by dsolve(). That means that it will only handle arbitrary constants that are independent of one variable, and it will only work with constants that are named as “C1”, “C2”, and so on.

If we ever get the sympyx core that Ondrej and I worked on when I was in Los Alamos in, it will be easy for my to use a Constant class, because it will have handler logic that will allow for the Constant class to exist independent of Add and Mul. It already can exist independent of Pow with a minor code addition, but simplifying powers is easier than simplifying addition and multiplcation because exponentiation is neither commutative nor associative, meaning that you don’t have to worry about absorbing stuff on the other side of something, like 2 + x + C.

See my constant-Mul branch for my working version of a Constant class the implements in Mul and Add. See my constant-function branch for my work on the internal function.

Because I have decided to make thing simple and make the function internal only, I should have things up and running soon. Then, it will be simple to fix up my nth order homogeneous stuff that I already have so that it works, and then to implement variation of parameters!


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