Patch Problems and Updates

So the GSoC program officially started Saturday.  I have almost finished everything on the timeline for the first week already, except for initial conditions, which I am putting off until Ondrej recodes solve so that it returns a RootOf instance when it cannot solve the equation.  See this post.

In order to solve homogeneous equations, I had to determine if an equation is homogeneous.  I will post what all this means, when I finish everything up.  Right now, I just need to write a few more tests and make sure that they work.  So I wrote the function, which is very complicated, because it has to take any expression and break it up recursively.  One thing that I wanted for it to do is to realize that log(x)-log(y) == log(x/y) (no LaTeX today, I am too tired).  This is basically because just log(x) or log(y) will make it non-homogeneous, but log(x/y) will make is homogeneous (again, more on what this all means later).  It turns out SymPy could not really do this simplification, so I had to go in and write a logcombine function that did that.  The function works quite well (at least from my tests), but it is also a beefy piece or recursive work.

So here is the part where I am now.  I wanted to submit the logcombine function as a regular patch, because strictly speaking it is not related to my GSoC project.  So I used ‘git format-patch’ and git ‘send-email’ as usual.  But then, yesterday, I began to wonder why no one had reviewed or even responded to my patches.  I checked that patch list, and found to my dismay that none of the emails made it through.  I suspect that git is the problem, so I send the patches manually with my email client.

Which led to another problem: the reviewers are claiming that my files are corrupt.  These are major problems.  I cannot reliably send patch emails through git, and when I send them manually, the files are messed up.

Can anyone reading this blog (does anyone actually read this blog?) give me some advice here?  I think the corruption of the patch files may have something to do with the fact that I am using Mac OS X, which I know likes to put nasty things like resource forks in files which screws them up when they are sent to non-Macs.

Of course, this does not explain why git will not send emails.  It has sent them before, though I think I have had this problem since the beginning.

And another question to you git geniuses out there: how do I change branches without committing changes?  Sometimes, I am in the middle of two things, and I finish one and I want to push it to its own branch, but I cannot do this without committing the changes on the other thing, which I am not ready to do because I am not done with it yet.


One Response to Patch Problems and Updates

  1. Runa says:

    I’m not a git guru, but I know there are a lot of those at #git on freenode. You should ask there, I’m sure someone can help :)

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